Adam Created this brand new intro video animation for CodePen Radio (on TV). Like when we do a video instead of audio for the podcast. We got to get into his creative process a little bit. While the output of this was a video, Adam used web technology to produce it, using animation libraries like David Desandro’s Zdog (David also worked on the CodePen logo) and Greensock. But you won’t find those libraries on the final Pen, because to preserve animation performance, those were used only to produce a GIF used as a mask over the TV and static. Sometimes you need to get tricky to produce the final product!

Sponsor: Jetpack Boost

Jetpack Boost is a plugin (separate from the core Jetpack plugin) that does three (for now) huge performance things for your site. 1) Lazy load images 2) Defer JavaScript 3) Critical CSS. All of those are really great things for web performance, and you essentially just flip them on with a switch. Critical CSS in particular is a rather difficult thing to implement by hand.