I got to chat with Stephanie this week, a senior web engineer at Microsoft, who I’ve given the prestigious gold-star award for top front-end web development content producer this year ;). She’s got so many cool projects like Modern CSS, Style Stage, SmolCSS, and a beginner course on making a website. So many of the sites she makes are in Eleventy, she’s taken to teaching that too, like on her site 11ty Rocks and on Egghead. She’s always teaching, like through her podcast Word Wrap or in online workshops.

Catch up with Stephanie on CodePen, GitHub, Twitter, and her personal website.

Sponsor: Jetpack Backup

Jetpack offers Full Site Backup (database, theme, assets… everything), but it doesn’t just back everything up, it goes above and beyond. For one thing, you can get real-time backups if you need, meaning everything is backed up as it happens, not day-by-day. You can also restore your site to any previous backup with the click of a button. That’s above and beyond right there. But if you’re a WooCommerce user, you’ll rest easy knowing that you won’t lose eCommerce sales and product changes when you restore to a historical point. Those changes are then “replayed” on top of the backup.