When Anna Lytical heard Stephen and I talking about “What is CodePen?” she mentioned we did fab without her. So of course, I had to do one with her! Anna creates fun coding content all over the web, in addition to being an engineer at Google. Catch her on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. For Anna, the appeal of CodePen is in the simplicity: nothing to set up, easy/free to get started, and you can get to the heart of learning quickly. Not to mention the sharing—as a teacher you can provide code as simply as sharing a URL. And of course, all the existing code to be inspired by!


  • 00:31 Guest introduction
  • 03:05 Taking part in building the technology around us
  • 05:20 What is drag?
  • 07:08 How to pick a platform to share content on
  • 13:03 Sponsor: Netlify
  • 14:59 Changing the bar for learning
  • 17:06 Using CodePen to teach code
  • 19:59 GitHub vs CodePen
  • 23:33 What’s your incentive to keep going with this?

Sponsor: Netlify

Did you see that Netlify bought FeaturePeek and rolled into into all Deploy Previews? They did! It’s cool! Imagine you need to make a change to a website, and need approval from a client first. You can do a Pull Request against the site and your Netlify-hosted site will give you a URL with a Deploy Preview. They’ve done that forever, and it’s incredibly useful. Now, it’s even more useful, as that client can open up a little UI widget on the Deploy Preview and give feedback. They don’t need to know anything about GitHub, yet their feedback can manifest as a GitHub Issue. And that’s just one possible integration.