Stephen and Chris talk about cplibrary the Pattern Library that the CodePen Monorepo can use to share components. What goes in there and what doesn’t? What are common and not-so-common components? Can components be combinations of other components?

Time Jumps

  • 00:35 Mono repo and pattern library
  • 03:20 Starting off a pattern library with a button
  • 07:01 What’s in our library?
  • 10:40 Overriding with one off styles
  • 14:23 Click outside detector
  • 16:48 Sponsor: Lemon Productions
  • 19:15 All components don’t have to be micro
  • 23:26 Controls
  • 26:26 Reaching for things off the shelf
  • 31:24 Other interesting library components we have
  • 36:21 Why bother?

Sponsor: Lemon Productions

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