Learn CSS is a very cool project from a whole team of people at Google (and outside). It does a great job of documenting where is right now, in a fairly comprehensive way. Learn CSS was spearheaded by Una Kravets and Andy Bell did the bulk of the writing, so they are two extra-special guests to have on the show to talk about it. Why CodePen Radio though? Because there are literally hundreds of Embedded Pens used in this course, all using a style guide base and are live editors in the site itself. Cool!

Time Jumps

  • 00:55 What is Learn CSS?
  • 03:07 Who’s idea was this?
  • 08:08 Sponsor: WooCommerce
  • 09:17 Snapshot of now and the future of CSS
  • 12:55 Quality content and course creation
  • 17:51 Using CodePen for demos
  • 19:27 Shared stylesheet for a design system
  • 24:06 Native CSS only
  • 26:58 How difficult was it to sell Google on this?

Sponsor: WooCommerce

WooCommerce supports Apple Pay at checkout now, which is a nice thing to offer. Some people have pretty strong preferences for how they pay online, and it’s best to meet them there rather than force one particular payment method.