A big milestone for us! We’re now well over that number of registered users on CodePen. It’s a fun number to watch — but we know it’s not a particularly useful or industry-standard metric. Monthly active users, for example, is much more meaningful. In this podcast, Marie and Chris reminisce a bit on the early days and reflect on what is different between then and now. You’d think we’d have way more support work to do, but we don’t. You’d think we’d have way higher server costs, but we don’t. We all feel it in different ways. We’re more boring in a very satisfying way. We’re more consistent, secure, stable, and reliable.

Time Jumps

  • 00:32 Building dashboards
  • 02:05 Audio blogging our graph
  • 04:34 Active users vs registered users
  • 08:19 Supporting our users has changed
  • 10:10 Sponsor: Secureframe
  • 11:49 What feels heavier now with more users?
  • 18:34 Changes to dev ops
  • 23:05 What scales with number of users?
  • 26:48 Dealing with the size and complexity of CodePen

Sponsor: Secureframe

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