Chris and Marie talk about customer support. If you’re a regular listener of this show, you’ll remember that we’ve had a lot of success with customer support over the last year, the point that our volume of direct support is rather low. That’ll happen when you fix every major problem that comes up. But it also means that we have some space to do better! It’s a big bummer when we have a customer leave when they never reach out at all to get a hand from us on whatever they might need. It leaves us thinking… what else can we do? Can we help you with anything? We’ve been trying a handful of things to get better data and answers to these kind of questions.

And that Call-To-Action: If we can do anything to help you, hit us up.

Time Jumps

  • 01:17 Support volume is low
  • 05:54 Having support available and improving error messages
  • 08:13 Support levels from Pro vs free members
  • 10:43 Sponsor: Automattic
  • 12:30 The perks of Pro support
  • 16:53 Evaluating support with a WordPress plugin
  • 20:24 Community supporting each other
  • 24:35 Contextual support

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