Chris and Klare chat about the incredibly daunting task of planning a project that is huge and long-term. We know we’re pretty OK at planning smaller-scale projects. We plan, we kanban, we get the job done. But a single basic kanban isn’t going to cut it for a truly gigantic project. We get into talking about chopping the project into phases, chopping those phases into sections (sometimes with their own phases), and a databasing/kanbaning strategy to tie it all together. This also touches GitHub workflows and meeting structures, so there is a lot to think through here and it requires constant effort.

Time Jumps

  • 01:19 How do you plan well?
  • 05:17 The vision has happened – now what?
  • 08:18 Sponsor: WordPress Growth Summit
  • 09:29 The known unknowns
  • 18:58 Breaking Phases down into Sections
  • 24:27 Deadlines vs speed
  • 29:08 Using GitHub to manage projects

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