Marie and Chris talk about all the sources of data we have, think about, and use to help us. We do have one main database on CodePen, and truth be told, it’s got a bunch of data in it. If we want to know how many Pens there are, we can just ask it. We can learn a lot from asking that database questions, and we even have fancy charts that express information like that to us on dashboards. But that database isn’t the only place we have data, because it doesn’t know everything. It can’t tell us, for example, how many times a feature is toggled on and off, because we don’t track that kind of data in our main database. But we can track that data, and do when we need to with Appcues. And then there is general analytic data like traffic which we can explore with Cloudflare. And support-driven data we can look at in Front. And that’s not all. When answering important business questions, the data can come from lots of sources.

Time Jumps

  • 00:40 Collecting data
  • 03:15 Levelling up your query ability
  • 06:33 Using Table+ to acess on the Mac
  • 09:03 Various types of recording user interactions
  • 14:31 The data ends up in a database
  • 17:22 Sponsor: Clubhouse
  • 19:04 Tracking visitors with Cloudflare analytics
  • 23:34 Checking support analytics
  • 25:38 Advertiser analytics
  • 33:02 It all comes back to Excel, Numbers, and AirTable

Sponsor: Clubhouse

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