Chris and Shaw talk about how CodePen uses Cloudflare Works with the KV storage to power several things on CodePen. We do some cool stuff with them, like serve landing pages with the content provided by WordPress yet served on an entirely different Ruby on Rails powered site. We also serve up assets through them which provides lots of nice features both for us and for users indirectly and directly, like resizing and optimization.

Sponsor: Jetpack

Thanks to Jetpack for sponsoring CodePen Radio! Jetpack is a plugin, or perhaps now more like a suite of plugins, that help out your self-hosted WordPress site. Say you have a lot of WordPress sites under your purview and they all have different needs (super normal!). Jetpack has a new billing dashboard that helps manage at all in a sane way. Say you’ve got two sites that just need daily backup only, all good. Another that uses Jetpack Complete. Another where you use VideoPress and realtime backup, totally covered. You might have dozens or hundreds of sites if you manage client sites, and now this brings it all together in a manageable way.