This week Marie and Chris get together to chat about what’s been hot hot hot on CodePen lately. We’ve discovered there is a really taking to the creamy cardstock look, for one thing. Typography is always great, but we’re seeing more typographic trickery often including variable fonts. While not new, there are still loads of really wonderfully creative Pens using Three.js and p5.js. Neon-on-dark is a fresh look. We get into those and more, a bit sneakily as we can take an internal look at what the Top 100 might look like this year, but we can’t share those details too early!

Time Jumps

  • 00:24 Trending episode
  • 01:34 The web3 aesthetic
  • 03:33 Pen and ink on cardstock
  • 06:44 Variable fonts
  • 10:18 Ask the database what’s popping?
  • 11:42 Celebrating follower number
  • 12:49 ThreeJS and P5 processing
  • 20:08 Public documentation on what it takes to get picked
  • 26:33 CodePen Challenges