This week I got to speak with Kevin Powell! Kevin has had tremendous success on YouTube educating people about CSS ‘n’ friends. But like so many good content creators, he’ll meet with where you are at and what you need — his personal site has written articles, resources, courses, and a newsletter. Kevin is a joy to talk to. We took the opportunity to nerd out on a variety of mostly CSS-related things.

Time Jumps

  • 00:23 Guest introduction
  • 01:39 Growing on YouTube
  • 04:40 Video vs blogging
  • 07:51 Is CSS the focus going forward?
  • 11:03 CSS in other ecosystems
  • 13:29 :has released
  • 16:29 Waiting for new CSS features
  • 22:27 Using CodePen in video
  • 24:41 What else is exciting about what’s coming?
  • 26:45 Beyond CSS