This week I got to speak with Lee Martin! Lee is a fascinating fella, due in part to him having a job I think we all want: designing weird cool digital experiences for good bands. Fortunately for us, he often writes about them. Just check out the Inter Dimensional Video Player for Lord Huron, for example, or Using Three.js to Hear the Dawn with Jack White. Keep up with Lee on Instagram, Twitter, or his personal site. He’s overflowing with ideas, not just doing all the freelancing but taking some of those ideas and scaling them, like he’s doing with TurnMock, and Listening Party. We got a chance to talk about a handful of Lee’s favorite Pens, but there are more in the Collection he made.

Time Jumps

  • 00:26 Guest introduction
  • 01:35 How do you get to build websites for a band?
  • 06:46 It’s more than just an about page for bands
  • 10:57 Unlocking an album based on viewers closing their eyes
  • 14:16 Never repeat a client idea
  • 16:58 Mechanics vs Concepts
  • 19:45 Sponsor: Whiskey Web and Whatnot
  • 21:01 Banksy Pen
  • 23:49
  • 27:18 Is the music industry web or native app focused?
  • 32:48 Card matching game for Florence and the Machine

Sponsor: Whiskey Web and Whatnot

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