We just recently published the 300th CodePen Spark. Marie joins me on the show, as she leads up the creation of the vast majority of Spark newsletters. We get into things like why we do it, how we create it, how we send it, and things we’ve learned along the way sending a newsletter of this magnitude. We have some interesting failsafe procedures in place. Plus we get into some of the analytic numbers behind what we’re doing. Here’s to another upcoming many hundred more!

Time Jumps

  • 00:19 Welcome
  • 01:03 What’s the point of The Spark?
  • 03:15 How we build The Spark
  • 11:36 When we send it
  • 12:56 Our most hated issue
  • 15:23 Sponsor: Notion
  • 17:09 What’s new in The Spark?
  • 25:40 Two person sign off for the Spark
  • 28:54 Advertisers for the Spark
  • 30:04 Analyzing the numbers for The Spark
  • 34:40 What goes in to The Spark?

Sponsor: Notion

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