This week I got to talk to Kristopher Van Sant! Again! This time we got to talk about Kristopher’s professional work as well as some favorite Pens.

Time Jumps

  • 00:24 Guest introduction
  • 01:35 What is Kristopher doing these days?
  • 03:57 Working in a niche industry
  • 06:11 SEO challenges
  • 07:45 Sponsor: Equinix Metal
  • 08:28 PPL Mover pen
  • 11:46 Grogu toggle Pen
  • 14:37 Olivetti Pen
  • 20:08 The Ladybehive Pen
  • 21:56 Animation on the web
  • 25:50 What’s the tech stack for clients?
  • 30:20 Shaping text with CSS

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