A few months back, Alex and I did a 10-year anniversary episode that took the form of 10 bits of advice formed in the fires of running a software company for a decade. That was us talking at you. We thought it would be fun to turn the tables and have you talk at us in the form of an Ask-Me-Anything follow-up to that 10-year show.

Time Jumps

  • 00:32 AMA it up
  • 01:46 Is being a founder what you imagined it would be? — Russell Heimlich
  • 06:20 What’s your favorite temporary hack that ended up lasting ten years? — Shawn Wang
  • 11:19 Have you inspected popular sites to see if they’re running code you published? — Avi Zuber
  • 14:18 What is one feature you wanted to do, but couldn’t? — Todd Libby
  • 18:48 Who is your favorite employee and why is it Rachel Smith? — Rachel Smith
  • 20:33 What’s your favorite part of CodePen? — Sue Pooh
  • 23:46 What’s the interview process like at CodePen? — @jackson_the_dev
  • 30:51 What can you tell us about future CodePen? — Andrew Walpole
  • 35:05 Have you thought about offering a new product? — Andrew Walpole
  • 39:48 Is the web always going to be monetizing all the things? — Charles Villard
  • 44:30 What is the largest piece of technical debt at CodePen? — James Deagle