Robert and I jump on to chat about Cloudflare’s product Durable Objects. It’s part of their Workers platform, which we already use at CodePen a good bit, but with Durable Objects…

Global Uniqueness guarantees that there will be a single instance of a Durable Object class with a given ID running at once, across the world. Requests for a Durable Object ID are routed by the Workers runtime to the Cloudflare data center that owns the Durable Object.

In their intro blog post a few years back, they call the “killer app” real-time collaborative document editing, which is obviously of interest to us. So we’ve been tinkering and playing with how that might work with CodePen’s future technology.

Time Jumps

  • 00:25 What Robert’s been up to
  • 01:08 What is a durable object?
  • 02:52 Using Workers with durable objects?
  • 08:13 Sponsor: Equinix Metal
  • 08:51 How does clientside work with Workers?
  • 15:58 What if the durable object dies?
  • 19:47 Cost of durable objects

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