Stephen and I hop on the podcast to chat about some of our recent tooling, local development, and DevOps work. A little while back, we cleaned up our entire monorepo’s circular dependency problems using Madge and elbow grease. That kind of thing usually isn’t the biggest of deals and the kind of thing a super mature bundler like webpack deals with, but other bundlers might choke on. Later, we learned that we had more dependency issues like inter-package circular dependencies (nothing like production deployments to keep you honest) and used more tooling (shout out npx depcheck) to clean more of it up. Workspaces in a monorepo can also paper over missing dependencies — blech.

Another change was moving off using a .dev domain for local development, which oddly actually caused some strange and hard-to-diagnose DNS issues sometimes. We’re on .test now, which should never be a public TLD.

Time Jumps

  • 00:26 Dev ops spring cleaning
  • 01:25 Local dev with .dev, wait, no, .test
  • 06:58 Sponsor: Notion
  • 07:54 Circular dependency
  • 11:41 Monorepo update
  • 13:35 Interpackage and unused packages
  • 16:25 TypeScript
  • 17:54 Upgrading packages
  • 20:35 Hierarchy of packages

Sponsor: Notion

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