This week on CodePen Radio we talk about Meetups. We’re having our very first CodePen meetup ever on November 6, 2014. The location will be a bar called Bungalow, in Austin, TX.


Our Very First Meetup

4:54 We took inspiration from the Dribbble meetups. Dribbble has a very similar business (social network for designers), and they have a great community that holds regular meetups all over the country. Keep an eye out for a CodePen/Dribbble crossover meetup in the future!

6:47 Some of the best users on CodePen have formed friendships and even teams, so it’d be really awesome for us to be able to bring those people together in real life to hang out.

Location, Location

8:28 So why Austin? Austin has a big tech scene, bigger than Milwaukee, but smaller than San Francisco. So it seemed like the perfect place to do the first official meetup.

9:22 We decided to foot the bill for drinks and food, and we’re not having a speaker. We wanted to provide a great environment for people to hang out, and not just sit and listen to someone talk. We just want to get everyone together and have discussions and make new friends.

Soliciting Feedback

11:00 Another reason for this meetup is that it gives us (the CodePen team) an excuse to get together and have our company meetup. We normally meet once a quarter anyways, and this is a great way to meet our users and get feedback from them. So we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback at the meetups. (Tim especially!)

13:43 We love visiting new places, and there’s a good chance we’ll do meetups in other cities as well. We’re looking at ways to setup CodePen meetups in your city, so if you’re interested, please get in touch!

Sponsoring a Meetup

19:55 We’re really fortunate to have a community (like Dribbble) that wants to meet up and hang out. There are a lot of other brands that would love to do more community meetups, but their community might not be interested in getting together. So maybe those companies could be involved by sponsoring a meetup. It could be a great way to get associated with a active community.

We’re Looking Forward To Seeing You There!

23:33 We don’t send out enough surveys for our users to provide feedback, so we’re really looking forward to having in-depth conversations with everyone about CodePen. Sometimes it’s hard to articulate your thoughts over email, so it’ll be interesting to hear what you’ll have to say after a few drinks. Our main goal is to have it be a fun time for everyone. See you there!

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