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We've long had Private Pens on CodePen. And we know that it's a huge reason people go PRO at all, much like GitHub. We also know that internally we use private but still on-the-internet stuff all the time, like Private Gists. Since we already have a feature for writing and it handles syntax highlighting and all that very well (and support comment threads with notifications), we figured we might as well attach the idea of privacy to them too.

But... a lot of our code dealing with privacy was pretty attached to Pens.

So now that we have Private Collections and Private Posts as well, it was time to rethink how we handle privacy and make it more generally workable in our code base. But still allow for differences in how it works for some content types - it's not always super cut and dry. The most important thing is making sure it's intuitive and follows through on our promises.

Jake joins us on this one, as he headed up this project.

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