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Chris and Marie talk to CodePen community treasure Chris Gannon about how he uses CodePen with clients, how practicing on CodePen makes him better at his craft, and the various tools he’s used to do his work over the years.

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Time Jumps

  • 00:50 Guest intro
  • 02:59 Adding an element of surprise to animations
  • 06:02 CodePen is central to Chris’ client workflow
  • 11:44 Sponsor:
  • 13:48 Delivering work to clients on CodePen with an API
  • 19:13 Practicing on CodePen helps a lot
  • 22:30 Having a style helps people recognize your work
  • 23:09 What apps do you use for referrals and finding clients?
  • 26:07 What kinds of stickers?
  • 28:29 What kind of tooling do you use?
  • 32:17 What can CodePen do for you?

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