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The old profile pages were pretty utilitarian. In with the new! Hopefully these are something you all can be a bit more proud of.


Perhaps the biggest change is the Featured Pen area. This allows you to select the Pen you are most proud of and feature it prominently. By default, we select one for you. This is based on our popularity algorithm, taking into account hearts, comments, view, age, and more. You can override it at any time by selecting “Set as Featured Pen” from our (also brand new) context menus.


Below the Featured Pen are the rest of your public pens sorted by popularity. To see more at a time and sorted by date, just move over to the Public Pens tab.

You can change your avatar through Gravatar. In Gravatar, you associate an email address with an avatar. Whatever email address you have set in CodePen, we’ll use that Gravatar.

If you aren’t into the Gravatar thing, don’t worry, we’ll have a way to upload your own avatar direct to CodePen soon.

This should serve us well into the future, as we have a new tab we’ll be adding to profiles pretty soon. How’s that for a tease!