There are three ways you can delete a Pen. You can delete it from your Dashboard, from the grid view of your profile, or from the editor view of your Pen.

Deleting a Pen immediately deletes its hearts, views, comments, and tags. A copy of a deleted Pen is saved to your account’s Dashboard for three days after deletion. You can restore the copy to your account within 3 days of deletion.

From Your Dashboard

You can delete Pens in your Dashboard. Hover over the Pen thumbnail and click the “Delete” button.

From Your Profile

You can delete Pens from your any of the Pens pages in your profile by hovering over the Pen and clicking the “Delete” button.

From the Editor View

You can also delete a Pen from the Editor View. Click the “Delete” button at the bottom of the editor window to delete your Pen.

Confirm Deletion

Views, hearts, comments, and tags are immediately deleted when a Pen is deleted. These Pen details cannot be recovered even if the Pen is restored.

Before your Pen is deleted, you’re asked to confirm that you want to delete the Pen. If you are certain you want to delete the Pen, click the button that says “I understand, delete my Pen”.

Restoring a Deleted Pen

Copies of deleted Pens are saved to the “Deleted” section of your Dashboard for three days after deletion. If you accidentally deleted a Pen, you can restore it by clicking the “Restore” button next to the Pen’s title in the “Deleted” section of your Dashboard.

The restored copy includes all of the code, resources, preprocessors, and Pen settings from the last saved version of the Pen. The view count, hearts, comments, and tags are not restored.

Deleted items are permanently deleted 3 days after you delete them from your Dashboard or profile. It is not possible to restore a permanently deleted item.

Permanently Delete a Pen from Your Deleted Items

Deleted items are permanently removed from your account three days after you delete them. But, it is possible to permanently delete them earlier.

If you are absolutely certain that you want to delete a Pen that is in your Deleted Items, click the “Delete Permanently” button next to the Pen’s title in your Dashboard’s “Deleted” tab. This will immediately and permanently delete the Pen. It is not possible to recover a Pen that has been permanently deleted, so do not take this action unless you are certain that you do not want the Pen in your account.