Autocomplete is an option that can save you keystrokes by automatically filling in HTML elements & attributes, CSS properties & values, and JavaScript variables & functions.

We have two ways you can use autocomplete in the editor: you can enable it as an always-on feature, or you can trigger it with a keyboard command.

Always-On Autocomplete

You can turn on autocomplete in your editor settings. Under “Editor Options”, check the “Autocomplete” check box.

When autocomplete is enabled this way, you’ll see autocomplete suggestions as you type in the HTML, CSS, and JS panels of the editor. You can select autocomplete options with your keyboard arrow keys or by clicking on them.

Autocomplete Keyboard Command

If you’d rather use autocomplete on demand, you can trigger it with the keyboard command control + space.

autocompleting HTML elements

You can select an autocomplete suggestion with your keyboard arrows or click it to add it to your code.

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