The “block” feature lets you prevent another member from interacting with you or your content on CodePen.

When You Block a CodePen Member, Their Account:

  • Cannot follow your account
  • Cannot view your profile page
  • Cannot access the Editor View, Details View, Full View, Collab Mode (PRO), Presentation Mode (PRO), or Professor Mode (PRO) of your Pens
  • Cannot view the full page of your Posts, Projects, or Collections
  • Cannot comment on any of your content
  • Cannot “love” any of your content
  • Cannot invite your account to join a Team

Additionally, their existing comments and “loves” on your content are removed. Comments and loves from a blocked member are not restored if the account is unblocked later.

CodePen does not send a notification of the block to the blocked member. But, if they visit your profile page or content they will see a note that they are blocked from viewing the content.

How to Block a CodePen Member

CodePen block user menu.
  1. Visit the profile page of the member you want to block.
  2. Click the three-dot menu on their profile (next to the “Follow” button) and select “Block (Username)” from the options.
  3. Confirm the block on the confirmation screen.
  4. A banner confirming your block will appear on the blocked member’s profile.
CodePen member profile with blocked confirmation banner.

You can also opt to report the member from this menu.

What Does a Blocked Member See?

A blocked member will see a message stating that they are blocked from viewing content that is owned by someone who blocked them.

A member you have blocked may still see thumbnail previews of your content in the homepage Picked feed or in search results. However, they will not be able to view the full content or interact with the content.


Blocking works by preventing a specific account from interacting with another account’s content. A logged out visitor can view your profile page and your content, but cannot interact with it. Please keep this in mind when posting any public content to CodePen.

Debug Mode, Deployed Projects, and Projects on custom domains can be viewed by anyone who knows the URL for the content, including logged-out visitors. For more details on how these special content views work, please see their documentation:

Blocking Someone That Follows You

If you block an account that follows your account, their account will automatically unfollow yours. If you were following them, your account will automatically unfollow their account. If you later decide to unblock the account, you can re-follow them.

Your Block List

You can view your list of blocked members in your account settings.

Unblocking a Member

You can unblock a member from your Block List. Click the “Unblock User” button next to their name to unblock that account.

You can also unblock a member on their profile page. Click the three-dot menu on their profile page and select the “Unblock (Username)” option from the menu.


Blocking is done at the user level. Teams can’t block users, and users can’t block teams.

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