On any page that displays a grid of Pens as live previews, or in the editor itself, you can disable the JavaScript with this query parameter at the end of the URL:


This can be useful if you find (or accidentally create) a Pen with JavaScript that is taking too long to run — for example, a Pen with an infinite loop that hangs the browser. With JavaScript turned off, you can go into the editor and update the Pen, or go to your profile page and delete it. JavaScript will still run on the parent page, so you can save your changes.

Examples of places you can use it:

In the Editor


On Your Profile Page


In CodePen Projects

In Projects, it’s slightly different. Instead of turning off the JavaScript, you cancel the rendering of the preview.


Once you’ve corrected or deleted the problem Pen, you can remove the query parameter from the end of the URL and refresh the page to let JavaScript run again.

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