Inviting Members

You can invite members from the Settings area on CodePen. This is where you do all team management.

Team Member Roles

There are three different roles you can have when you are a member of a team.

Occupies Paid Seat w/PRO Access*OptionallyOptionally✅ (1 Seat)
Invite/Remove Team Members
Add/Remove Paid Seat w/PRO Access from Others
Manage Billing
Manage Team Profile
* Defaults to PRO access

Changing Team Member Roles

Only owners and admins can change other members’ roles.

  • Team owners can upgrade any other team member to be a team owner or admin. They can also downgrade other team owners to admins or members, or admins to members.
  • Team owners can downgrade themselves to an admin or member, as long as there is at least one other Team Owner.
  • Admins can upgrade any other member to be an admin, downgrade existing admins to members, or remove members from the team.
  • Admins cannot remove team owners from being team owners.
Example of making an existing team admin into a team owner.

Users are not directly notified of role changes.

Removing Members

If you’re a team owner you can remove anyone else from the team at any time by selecting “Remove from Team” from the “Membership” dropdown menu next to the user in your team roster.

Admins can also remove members and other admins, but not team owners.

If a removed user had PRO access, their seat will open for a new team member to join. Removing a member that was occupying a paid seat does not cancel the seat’s subscription. The team owner can manage the team’s subscription in their Billing settings.

PRO Access

One of the primary benefits of a PRO Team is that members of any role can have PRO access. That means having the full suite of PRO tools on CodePen, like Asset Uploading, Private Items, Collab Mode, Professor Mode, etc.

But, you might need a non-developer on your team to handle billing or manage the team roster. A team owner or team admin can set anyone’s role to admin or owner and remove PRO access from their account by selecting the “Remove PRO Access” option from the “Membership” dropdown.

Removing PRO access from a teammate will free up their seat on the team so a new teammate can join. It does not remove the seat from the team’s subscription. The team owner can manage the team’s subscription in their Billing settings.

Changing Team Ownership

Team can have multiple owners.

Team owners can upgrade other members or admins to owners. So if you need to step down as team owner, first make someone else on the team a team owner, then remove your own owner role. You’ll be able to delete your account as long as you aren’t a team owner, if needed.

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