After you’ve deployed your Project, it will live on a domain CodePen has provided for you. If you’re a Developer PRO, Super PRO, or CodePen Team member, you can choose to use a domain you own.

In the Project Editor’s “Deploy” panel, you’ll be able to enter the domain you wish to use. After you’ve entered the custom domain you’ll be provided with the A Records to add to your domain’s DNS records.

Here’s a quick video explaining:

Updating Your Domain’s DNS Records

All custom domains pointing to a deployed CodePen Project will need to use the following A records.

Record Type Host Value
A (your domain name)
A (your domain name)

You’ll need to update these records via your domain provider. If there is any existing A records, you should also remove those. These are usually editable under ‘DNS’ or ‘DNS Settings’ in your provider’s domain settings. The following are specific instructions for the more common domain providers.

This is the “Domain Details” page of domain managment at GoDaddy (as of March 2017) where you can change A records under the “DNS Zone File” tab.

If your provider isn’t in the list above or you’re still not sure how to update your A records, contact your domain provider to get assistance.