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Brand new thing! You’ll see a new menu option in the user dropdown now for “Recent Activity”. If you’re logged in, this link will get you there.


The idea is to give you a sense of what’s been happening in your CodePen world. For instance, who’s been hearting and commenting on your Pens and who’s Pens you’ve been hearting, in chronological order. It also exposes some things it was impossible to know before, like when someone adds one of your Pens to a collection.


This will serve as another reference point to help you remember things. For example, find a Pen you know you remember hearting a few days ago. To help with that, we’ve put in some filters to allow you to see specific types of actions and whether they were your own or other people’s.


This is brand new today, so please let us know if you discover any quirks.

This is also just the beginning of this feature. Like all our features, we will improve and iterate on it over time. The next step for Activity is a homepage widget to show the the most recent few actions, as well as an RSS feed for those of you who prefer to keep up that way.