We just released a couple of new features for Teams. Actually, a couple of features that already exist for personal accounts that we’ve now ported over to Team accounts. They just needed a little extra lovin’ – you know how it is.

Hire Me for Teams

Is your Team accepting work requests / proposals? Open up a way for people to contact you by toggling on the Hire Me feature in the Team profile settings:

If you change the setting to “Yes”, the “For Hire” badge will be present on your Team’s profile:

Anyone can click it to contact you:

You’ll get an email from it in which to kick off the conversation:

We’ve seen this working quite well for folks:

Notifications for Teams

When someone follows your Team, or loves or comments on one of your Team’s Pens, do you want to be notified via Email? We’ve made separate settings for this for you, so you can manage it separately than your notifications on your personal account, even as the Team Owner.

The email notifications go to the email you have set in your Team Profile settings. Little trick! Comma separate emails here to send the notifications to multiple people. This only works for Teams, not personal accounts.

Enjoy, Teamsters!