We had a user write in about this, so I thought I'd explain it in one three-step graphic:

You have to a be a PRO member, because you'll need to apply Custom CSS to a theme. As a PRO, you get unlimited embed themes as well and you'll probably want to make this a special theme in case you don't want to apply it to every single embedded Pen.

  1. Create some CSS that hides that button: #rerun-button { display: none; } You could even use a Pen for this and link directly to the CSS by adding .css to the end of the URL.
  2. Create a new theme in the Embed Builder, and link to that CSS as part of that theme. Remember to choose that theme from the dropdown when embedding a Pen where you want to hide that button.
  3. Now when you see that embedded Pen, that CSS will apply, and the run button will be hidden.