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Thanks to everyone who came to our inaugural meetup in Austin last night! A headcount at one point in the night put us at about 120 people, which is fantastic. Big thanks to Katie Kovalcin for organizing.

Jason Weaver used the Meetup.com API to make a fun grid of the avatars of the people who RSVP’d:

See the Pen CodePen Meetup People by Jason Weaver (@indyplanets) on CodePen.

Jason is going to be taking over the Austin CodePen Meetup, so we’ll post about when the next Austin one is as soon as we can.

From what I heard, it was a unique mix of people for Austin. Lots of new faces.

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We did a pub quiz with some nerdy web questions and managed to give away all the swag we brought.

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We got to meet loads of people. Some faces we recognized from the internet and some brand new!

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Future Meetups

We’re in the process of lining up future meetups. If you’ve ever reached out to us about that, we already have you on the list and we’ll reach out about that soon. If you haven’t, and are interested, get in touch by shooting us an email at support@codepen.io.