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There has been a number of pretty cool things built out there on the ol’ internet just for CodePen lately. I thought we could showcase several of them.

CodePencil (for Windows Phone)

Johannes Jakob created a fan app for browsing CodePen on a Windows Phone.

CodePen OmniSearch

Patrick Hart created a Google Chrome Extension called CodePen OmniSearch to assist in quickly searching CodePen. Once installed, you type “cp[TAB]” to activate it, then your search term, and you’ll be directed to CodePen search results.

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Fabrizio Bianchi made a super simple script you can add to any Pen to show off other Pens people might be interested in. You just call a function with the slugs and titles of the other Pens you want to promote, and it adds a little clickable arrow to open a drawer that links to them.

Auto Updating CodePen Footer

In a similar vein, Robby Klein created a script for adding random posts to Pens. It’s fairly specific to his blog, but if you have a JSON endpoint to pretty much anything you could adapt it to your content.

It can also be a bookmarklet.

Using React at CodePen

It’s definitely on our radar to improve our support of React, but for now Brad Daily has created a super easy way to make it work. Basically you just link this up as an external resource:


(And probably turn off Auto Update Preview, as that’s a lot of JS to execute.)

He built this chat room app with it that is amazing.

See the Pen Chatpen by Brad Daily (@bradleyboy) on CodePen.


Dariel Noel’s project AniCollection is a cool way to explore and snag the code for different styles of CSS animations and transitions. View one of them and click the CodePen icon to pop over to CodePen with the code!

“Made for CodePen” graphics

Just a reminder that if you build something specifically for CodePen, we have official graphics you can use for that purpose.

Made for CodePen