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Recently, Fox Peterson tweeted this delightful photo to us:

My 70+ uncle liked my @CodePen t-shirt and ordered his own. He programmed the original SAS (which is not about CSS)!

We all wanted to know more, so I got in touch with Fox to get some details on this stylin’ Uncle.

Here’s word from the man himself, John Culbertson:

I’m John Culbertson, Ph. D., counseling and guidance, University of North Dakota. My graduate work included research and computers as scholarly tools, instead of a foreign language (grad 1982). I worked in SAS, SPSS, BMDP and some Fortran IV. In those days coding involved a lot of trial and error. A program consisted of a series of statements; One out of order or incorrectly coded and the run would crash. I’d say, “Curses, foiled again!”

Having CodePen would have saved a lot of time and money.

By the way, as a grad student I got a lousy 0.5 MB account at the comp center. That was for data and programs!

Fox adds:

[H]e lives right now in Edgefield, SC, which is in Aiken County, which recently got hit by floods. He lives with my Aunt Virginia and enjoys exercising and reading about history.