Have you ever tried to do a CSS Haiku? Just like haiku poetry, the rules are simple, but the results can be magnificent.

CSS Haiku first bubbled up on CodePen last summer, in a Pen by Scott Kellum. Scott set these rules for the form:

Do what you can with just 3 properties. No reset, no normalize, that's it.
Each repeated property also counts against your 3.
All markup is fair game.
Tag your own pens with csshaiku to join in the fun.

Scott's idea slumbered
Until this autumn, and then
A new crop appeared

Now there are dozens of haiku Pens! Check out a few of my favorites:

You can see more in Keith Wyland's fantastic collection, CSS Haiku, or do a tag search to explore all of the Pens tagged with CSSHaiku. Then go make your own! Don't forget to tag them 🙂