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I was somewhat recently in San Diego. I forgot my baseball cap and I sometimes feel kinda weird without it (especially if it’s sunny as all heck like San Diego). So I bought one from the hotel gift shop. It wasn’t particularly cheap, but it was a damn fine cap, even if it did say San Diego in a kinda cheezy embroidered script font across the front.

Well, I lost that cap. Usually kinda “oh well” territory, except I found I really missed that cap. Fortunately, I remember liking it so much when I got it I took a photo of the inside label on it. Legacy was the brand it turns out. Suuuper nice caps.

So I had Sara order some up with the CodePen logo on them. I got a bunch of them, myself. And we sent them around to the team. The leftovers (not many!) we put in the store.

If you want one, go buy ’em up.