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We’re massively excited to be working with Rachel Smith, now the newest member to Team CodePen.

We’re lucky to have her. Like everybody on our Team, Rachel is a dream hire. Not only is Rachel a talented designer and developer (you know, one of these), she’s an artist who builds crazy and beautiful things with code, a writer who helps other people understand difficult concepts, and an all-around wonderful community member.

See the Pen hairy rainbow text – pixi.js by Rachel Smith (@rachsmith) on CodePen.

Rachel is the other Australian we allude to in Episode 69 about immigration. It’s never quite as painless as we’d like, but after a little trepidation in Toronto, it all worked out. She’s in Los Angeles where she was at Active Theory, an incredible an accomplished digital agency.

It’s turned out to be an unexpected tradition, but Rachel joins the rest of the team in being incredibly productive and knocking out an amazing feature in the first week. You’ll see it soon. I’d never expect a new hire to be so good so fast, but I’ll take it, and it’s all a testament to Rachel and the whole team’s awesomeness.

You can learn a bit more about Rachel on her personal site and in the questions she’s answered in her ongoing GitHub AMA.

Oh yeah you should probably follow her on Twitter too:

Welcome Rachel!