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I’m a friend of Ashe Dryden and a fan of her work on improving he tech industry. So I’m happy to say we’ve sponsored one of the AlterConf conferences that she puts on. The Minneapolis, MN conference, specifically, which is coming up Saturday, April 9 2016 – 11:00am to 4:00pm.

About the conference:

AlterConf provides safe opportunities for marginalized people and those who support them in the tech and gaming industries to learn from and encourage one another. By highlighting the powerful voices and positive initiatives of local community members, we build hope and strengthen the community’s resolve to create safer, healthier spaces for everyone.

AlterConf goes beyond the limited definitions and basic discussions of diversity to create a deeper, more nuanced conversation. Each conference features a wide range of speakers delivering critical analyses of tech and gaming culture and presenting their vision for what our community can be.

Our sponsorship came with a free ticket we can give away, so I’d love to give it to somebody in the CodePen community.

If you’d like to go…

Put the words “I’d like to go to AlterConf” in a Pen (and typeset it up all fancy if you like) and drop the link in the comments and I’ll pick a winner.

If you’re interested in more than just going…