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Last Thursday, we had our first online CodePen meetup. A few of us on Team CodePen (Rachel Smith, Tim Holman, and I) joined five CodePen members to do a little Show & Tell action. It was technically the first international CodePen meetup as Louis Hoebregts was tuning in from Brussels (at 4 AM!).

The featured Pens were very diverse! Everything from a React list reordering UIs to console hacks.

In chronological order:

  1. CSS-Only Presentation Using :target and accesskey@jakealbaugh
  2. The Monty Hall Problem@tho
  3. It depends@rachsmith
  4. Happy New Year!@Mamboleoo
  5. Important Thing@tholman
  6. Eat, Sleep, Code, Repeat@xtoq
  7. Animated Sorting List React.js@chrisdmacrae
  8. The Monty Hall Problem: CSS Hacks@jakealbaugh
  9. Step Frame Sequence@dennisgaebel

Here’s a video recording of the entire thing, for your enjoyment:

This turned out to be really fun. The format was surprisingly insightful. I am hoping we continue to do this sort of thing in the near future. Getting to know CodePen members and their work is one of the most rewarding aspects of this job.