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Members of Team CodePen will be speaking at front end development events in the US and Europe in the coming months!

Tim Holman will be at CSSConf in Budapest, Hungary. The event starts on May 11th. (We’ve heard that CodePen community superstar Gregor Adams will be there, too 😉 )

Next, Tim will be at Front-Trends in Warsaw, Poland May 18th – 20th. He’s the day host on the 18th, and he’s giving his talk “Don’t hate the player, hate the game” on the 20th.

Tim will also be at ContraryCon in Washington, DC on June 17th.

Chris Coyier and co-host Dave Rupert will be recording an episode of Shop Talk Show during Web Design Day 2016. The event is in Pittsburgh, PA, on June 23rd – 24th.

Chris will also be at An Event Apart Orlando from October 3 – 5. He’ll give his talk 10 Things You Can and Should Do With SVG on the 4th.

Rach Smith will speak at Front-End Design Conference in St. Petersburg, FL. The speaker schedule is TBA, but the event runs from June 15 – 17th.

Rachel is also joining the Dayton, OH CodePen meetup via Hangouts to talk design and animation on May 5th.

More to come!

A few more meetup appearances are in the works. Keep an eye on our Meetups page for the latest!