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This weekend’s shaping up to be a hot one all over the northern hemisphere. It’s perfect ice cream weather, wouldn’t you say? The CodePen community’s got something on the truck for everybody!

Take your pick of perfect popsicles from Mikhail Korotkov’s “cant get enough icecream in pure css3”

See the Pen cant get enough icecream in pure css3 by Mikhail Korotkov (@melawire) on CodePen.

Have a scoop (or…seven) from Alex Bergin’s “I – Icecream”

See the Pen I – Icecream by Alex Bergin (@abergin) on CodePen.

Just want a tiny taste? Mahmoud Elmahdi’s got you. Check out his “Flat Ice Cream Button/Icon, Pure CSS”

See the Pen Flat Ice Cream Button/Icon, Pure CSS by Mahmoud Elmahdi (@elmahdim) on CodePen.

What do you think “Ice Cream Listening” by Benjy Stanton is listening too? Must be hot 🔥

See the Pen Ice Cream Listening by Benjy Stanton (@benjystanton) on CodePen.

If your ice cream starts looking like Gabi’s “Sine wave ice cream”, get indoors and get hydrated.

See the Pen Sine wave ice cream by Gabi (@enxaneta) on CodePen.

Stay cool, my friends. And whatever your weather, may you greet this weekend with the enthusiasm of Dinesh Balaji’s “3D Ice Cream loving smiley” 😮

See the Pen 3D Ice Cream loving smiley by Dinesh Balaji (@sidthesloth92) on CodePen.