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Dave Whyte, the artist behind Bees & Bombs, recently joined CodePen! His work is a major source of inspiration for the CodePen community. We’re thrilled to have him among us!

See the Pen rgb triangles by Dave Whyte (@beesandbombs) on CodePen.

Dave generously put together a gigantic collection of Pens that recreate his work. Here are a few of my favorites from this mindbending collection.

Robert Douglas’ “Spinning Moons”

See the Pen Spinning Moons by Robert Douglas (@redouglas) on CodePen.

“pure css shell spiral” by Marian-COJOC-ro

See the Pen pure css shell spiral by Marian-COJOC-ro (@marian-cojoc-ro) on CodePen.

Ana Tudor’s “JS fitness #28: wavy ani”

See the Pen JS fitness #28: wavy ani by Ana Tudor (@thebabydino) on CodePen.

Gregor Adams’ ” #2 Bomb those bees | beesandbombs remakes”

See the Pen #2 Bomb those bees | beesandbombs remakes by Gregor Adams (@pixelass) on CodePen.

I’ve watched a whole lot of CodePen TV, and I have to say, this collection is mayyybe the best ever for tv mode 📺

Welcome Dave!