Have you noticed Adam Kuhn's Studio Ghibli-inspired Pens in the picks lately? He's creating a series of them! His work sent me on a search for even more Pens that capture that Miyazaki magic. Let me show you a few of my favorites.

You'll see Adam's latest, "Catbus", in the Picks today

See the Pen Catbus by Adam Kuhn (@cobra_winfrey) on CodePen.

Susan Lin's "Animated Pixel Chibi Totoro Walkcycle" looks so huggable even in pixelated form

See the Pen Animated Pixel Chibi Totoro Walkcycle by susan (@bysusanlin) on CodePen.

Johan Mouchet's "Pure CSS cat animation", inspired by Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service

See the Pen Pure CSS cat animation by Johan Mouchet (@johanmouchet) on CodePen.

Kirsten Rauffer's lovely "Kiki's Delivery Service - Pure CSS"

See the Pen Kiki's Delivery Service - Pure CSS by Kirsten Rauffer (@kkdawg) on CodePen.

Jack Parsons' "CSS Kodama"

See the Pen CSS Kodama by Jack Parsons (@jacksaidwhat) on CodePen.

I've gathered these and more, including Nathan Gordon's legendary "Howl's Moving Castle" and Lloyd Fenton's magnificent "Princess Mononoke Homage", in my collection Studio Ghibli. Did I miss any? Show 'em off in the comments!