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This October has something really special going on — the CodePen community’s Pen game is incredibly strong right now. Check out these four amazing Pens that all came out just yesterday! You’re on fire 🔥🔥🔥

Take some time to dig into Anthony Dugois’ “React Melody Composer”. There is a lot you can do! Or just let it play you one of the built-in songs 🎶

See the Pen React Melody Composer by Anthony Dugois (@anthonydugois) on CodePen.

Have some fun typing into “Francise – Animography Text Editor” by kittons (make sure to try out upper & lower case!)

See the Pen Franchise – Animography Text Editor by kittons (@airnan) on CodePen.

Ponder the mysterious shadows of Gerard Ferrandez’s surreal “reconstruct”

See the Pen reconstruct by Gerard Ferrandez (@ge1doot) on CodePen.

Scare yourself silly with this ghastly zombie 😱 It’s part of Nat Cooper’s Halloween-themed project this month: #31creepySVGs. The whole collection is fantastic — make sure to follow Nat so you don’t miss any!

See the Pen #31creepySVGs – 06: Zombie by Nat Cooper (@natacoops) on CodePen.

Honestly I know I’m just scratching the surface of all the great stuff that went on here this week. Show me your favorites!