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I’m a big fan of using CodePen TV as a screensaver, and one of my favorite collections for TV is my kaleidoscope collection. I was able to add a really nice one to my collection this week! Check out Mathias Paumgarten’s “Kaleidoscope”!

See the Pen Kaleidoscope by Mathias Paumgarten (@MathiasPaumgarten) on CodePen.

And a few more favorites from my collection…

John Healey’s deeply hypnotic “Interactive Kaleidoscope”

See the Pen Interactive Kaleidoscope by John Healey (@jhealey5) on CodePen.

“Kaleidoscope ‘Manhattan'” by potatoDie might not look like a kaleidoscope at first, but start dragging that red square around and you’ll see!

See the Pen Kaleidoscope ‘Manhattan’ by potatoDie (@potatoDie) on CodePen.

“Kaleidoscope Mess” by adult swim lives up to its name

See the Pen Kaleidoscope Mess by adult swim (@adultswim) on CodePen.

I’ve rounded up these and many more in my Kaleidoscopes collection. Click the TV icon to open it up in CodePen TV!