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The Halloween spirit is strong in the CodePen community 👻

The CodePen Chicago meetup just went all out with a Halloween theme:

Our very own Jake Albaugh demonstrated his scary-good Pen built for audience participation:

You can check out how it works in Jake’s post “Firebase, Tone.js, and Device Orientation”

And of course, there are the amazing Halloween Pens! Here are just a few of my favorites from this Halloween season.

Rachel Bull’s “Halloween Animation in Pure CSS”

See the Pen Halloween Animation in Pure CSS by Rachel Bull (@rachel_web) on CodePen.

“Candy Corn!” by Kalene

See the Pen Candy Corn! by Kalene (@kalenenc) on CodePen.

Eva Lettner’s “everybody sings the pumpkin song”

See the Pen everybody sing the pumpkin song by Eva Lettner (@eva_trostlos) on CodePen.

Nat Cooper’s “Eleven”

See the Pen #31creepySVGs – 11: Eleven by Nat Cooper (@natacoops) on CodePen.

I’ve gathered up my favorites in my collection “This is Halloween”, and I’m always watching for more. Show off your favorite Halloween Pens in the comments!