We're coming to the close of Codevember week two, and the CodePen community is going strong! Here are a few of my favorites from this week's #codevember creations.

Ana Tudor's "#CodeVember #7 / 2016 - canvas 2D rhombicuboctahedron"

See the Pen #CodeVember #7 / 2016 - canvas 2D rhombicuboctahedron (late) by Ana Tudor (@thebabydino) on CodePen.

John Garcia's "Word Rhymer #codevember_09"

See the Pen Word Rhymer #codevember_09 by John Garcia (@johnbgarcia) on CodePen.

Johan Karlsson's "#codevember #10 Oldsk00l"

See the Pen #codevember #10 Oldsk00l by Johan Karlsson (@DonKarlssonSan) on CodePen.

Eva Lettner's "Codevember: pure CSS windmill"

See the Pen Codevember: pure CSS windmill by Eva Lettner (@eva_trostlos) on CodePen.

These are just a handful from many, many great Pens! You can check out all Codevember Pens on the #codevember tag page, and find out more about Codevember at codevember.xyz

I can't wait to see what you come up with next week!