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We’re just about at the end of #codevember week three, and the wonderful Pens just keep coming! This week I noticed a few especially relaxing Pens in codevember-land, and I’ve gathered those up to share with you today.

An absolutely radiant “[dawn]” by XORXOR

See the Pen #codevember – [dawn] by XORXOR (@xorxor_hu) on CodePen.

A gorgeous “HTML5 canvas geometry animation” by Dead Seagull

See the Pen HTML5 canvas geometry animation by Dead Seagull (@dead_seagull) on CodePen.

John Garcia’s very chill “floating computer svg”

See the Pen floating computer svg #codevember_15 by John Garcia (@johnbgarcia) on CodePen.

Robin Savemark’s “Relax with mix blend mode” does what it says on the label

See the Pen Relax with mix blend mode #codevember_16 by Robin Savemark (@robinsavemark) on CodePen.

You can see these and many more fantastic Codevember Pens on the #codevember tag page, and find out more about Codevember in general at codevember.xyz. Don’t forget, it’s not too late to jump in 😉