Have you heard of Scarlet Pleasure? They have a new song called “The Wave”. The song was intentionally written to be part of an interactive experience, organized by a company called B&O PLAY.

If you’re interested in the intersection of Code, Art, and Music, head on over to the Code The Wave site to play around:

You can participate

Part of the idea here is that remixing this song is open to all. Code The Wave has their own CodePen profile, where you can browse and check out lots of remixes already, including some with very few lines of code, that seem like a good jumping-off point.

There are already some pretty interesting remixes from CodePen users to check out!

“Carry carry on” by Younus Abdalla

See the Pen CodeTheWave – Carry carry on by Younus Abdalla (@YounusAbdalla) on CodePen.

“Crazybird” by Joseph Crow

See the Pen CodeTheWave – Crazybird by Joe (@sortofsleepy) on CodePen.

Untitled by Joey Maese

See the Pen qRjvoW by Joey Maese (@joeymaese) on CodePen.

Have a play!