We have a new little UI feature that has been 🔥 hotly requested 🔥 for quite some time now. Sorry it took so long (obama_putting_sunglasses_on.gif), but it’s here now!

Now, on Pens you own, the Pen Editor layout you set up will persist as you work. For example:

  • You adjust the editor panels to your liking and save the Pen for the first time… your adjustments will still be there!
  • You refresh the entire page while working… your adjustments will persist!
  • You come back to a Pen you worked on last week… the editor will be in the same layout state!

Quick Note: We save your layout to your browser’s localStorage, so it can’t follow you if you change to a different browser, or if you go incognito.

Here are some movies to explain it:

The Old Way 😭

The New Way 😁


🙌 High five to Tim Holman for this one. As always, if you have requests for features and improvements, be sure to send them in!